Executive Team

We have tech team up 100 blockchain and AI developers working on the platform.
The company is registered in the UK and Vietnam.

CEO & Founder
Adam Chaplin
Adam was a co-founder of Travala (AVA) and is a former Royal Marine Commando. His decades of business and military experience make him a capable and reliable leader.
Dr. Tuan Dang Minh
Dr. Tuan was the inventor of Vietkey and is a P.h.D in Math and Cryptography. He's one of the leading blockchain experts in South East Asia.
Sean Mason
Sean Mason draws on decades of experience running several companies to help manage the finances of DeFi For You. He is also charged with expanding the project into the UK and EU markets.
Tech Team Leader
Tung Duong Thanh
Tung was the tech team leader of Travala and is now heading up the troops at DeFi For You. He's a passionate developer and leader.
William Gray
William is a digital marketing specialist and copywriter with a background working with eCommerce app developers, blockchain projects, and a national newspaper.
Pawnbroker Partner
Miles Mann
Founder and MD of Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group and a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths, and the National Pawnbrokers Association.